Our offer

Our offer

3D laser engraving in glass
3D photos  etched by laser into the middle of the glass by converting 
Your standard 2D photo into a 3D crystal
     2D surface laser engraving of glass
Laser engraving and cutting of glass and plastics
Sticking and colour foiling of glass
Sand blasting and other surface finishing of glass
Quick deliveries and wholesale with semi-finished optical glass
Creation of 3d objects assigned for laser engraving of glass, graphical design
Production of gift boxes and stylish presentation boxes
Handmade engraving and glass cutting
Production of wooden stands and holders

Example of 2D sufrace laser

Example of 3D laser

Example of 3D photo inside glass

The company also practices trade and advisory activity focused on M.C. stones of the highest quality and brilliance for the use in jewelry industry. The other activity is focused on the glass semi products made of optical materials of the high quality suitable especially for the production of trophies, plaques, gifts and promotional objects.